Syrma Occ. Chair

SKU: 600-SAB

The Syrma is conceived as a visually light product, combining many intertwined wires. This appearance of lightness is achieved by a metal mesh and rod. Frame is available in three colors (copper, white or dark grey) The stitch of the tufted cushion, which attaches to the mesh, coordinates with frame color. The collection includes chair, armchair, high-backed armchair, footstool and pouf.

Lounge chair
600-SAB: 25.5”w x 33”d x 40”h; sh 16”
600-SB: 25.5”w x 32”d x 30”h; sh 16”

Ottoman 25”w x 19”d x 15.75”h

In addition to producing made-to-order pieces in standard configurations, our partners have a robust customization program in which we are able to manipulate the size, shape and design of most items to perfectly fit a space. Please let us know if you'd like a custom item quoted.

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