Pathleaf Cascading X-Large Wall Sculpture

Pathleaf Cascading X-Large Wall Sculpture


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In a lighting wonder, the Pathleaf collection exists in high contrast for a differential and artistic outcome. It is quite a dramatic collection, closely connected to its nature inspiration, presented almost as an art installation, being able to embrace different designs and extensions. The Pathleaf allows modular choices and indirect light, conveying a visual arrangement of great dynamism and an organic complement for wall and ceiling decorations, just like a real natural painting.

23"w x 5"d x 135"h

WEIGHT: 92lbs

48 x LED - 3000K - 1.4w each - 67.2w total
48 x ± 93lm each - ± 4464 lumens total
Dimmable by 1-10V

Made in 3 parts

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