Niky Coffee Table
Niky Coffee Table

Niky Coffee Table


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Round Coffee Table with base in black walnut wood and top in either saddle leather, leather, glass or Bardiglio marble. Square Coffee Table only in Bardiglio marble.

23.5"dia x 17.5"h (17.75"h for marble top)
39.25"dia x 12.25"h (12.5"h for marble top)
SQUARE (only in marble)
35.5"w x 35.5"d x 9.5"h

GROUP 1 - Harmonie (Lower grain)
GROUP 2 - Privilege (Full grain)
GROUP 3 - Holiday (Full grain - soft consistency) GROUP 3 - Dakota (Full grain - hard consistency) GROUP 3 - Nevada (Full grain - hard consistency)
GROUP 1 - Harmonie (Leather with lightly buffed natural grain)
GROUP 2 - Privilege (Full grain leather)
GROUP 3 - Russia (Aniline leather soft effect) GROUP 3 - Patagonia (Aniline leather rusty effect) GROUP 3 - Trees (Aniline leather shiny effect) GROUP 3 - 70s (Aniline leather nabuck vintage effect) GROUP 3 - Women (Aniline nabuk leather) GROUP 3 - Avifauna (Aniline leather with silk effect)
GROUP 4 - Painters (Aniline leather) GROUP 4 - Stars (Aniline leather) GROUP 4 - Sweets (Aniline leather) GROUP 4 - Great Plains (Fur)

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