Liv Dining Chair
Liv Dining Chair
Liv Dining Chair
Liv Dining Chair
Liv Dining Chair

Liv Dining Chair


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Designed to guarantee a high level of comfort, LIV chair by Alessandro Dubini ,strikes for its sophisticated appearance and graceful posture. Characterized by soft and sinuous lines, it has an ergonomic and enveloping seat and the base carved in solid black walnut wood, which extends vertically by fitting into the pockets created on the outside of the backrest. The latter on the other hand, has a padded interior covered in leather or fabric and the outside covered in leather worked by expert artisan hands with refined stitching.


22.5" x 21" x 31"h; sh: 19.25"


COM: 2 yds

GROUP 1 - Harmonie (Leather with lightly buffed natural grain)
GROUP 2 - Privilege (Full grain leather)
GROUP 3 - Russia (Aniline leather soft effect) GROUP 3 - Patagonia (Aniline leather rusty effect) GROUP 3 - Trees (Aniline leather shiny effect) GROUP 3 - 70s (Aniline leather nabuck vintage effect) GROUP 3 - Women (Aniline nabuk leather) GROUP 3 - Avifauna (Aniline leather with silk effect)
GROUP 4 - Painters (Aniline leather) GROUP 4 - Stars (Aniline leather) GROUP 4 - Sweets (Aniline leather) GROUP 4 - Great Plains (Fur)

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