Jean-Marie Dresser
Jean-Marie Dresser

Jean-Marie Dresser


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Jean-Marie night collection focuses on the preciousness of saddle leather and on the care taken on the craftsmanship€�, says architect Umberto Asnago, telling about the new products designed for i 4 Mariani . Dresser with 2 large drawers, 2 small drawers and a niche with a leather basket.

52.5"w x 21.5"d x 31.5"h

Stitched Leather or Saddle Leather

Steel Feet powder coated in Titanium color
Walnut Base and handles
Dover White Marble Top

GROUP 1 - Harmonie (Leather with lightly buffed natural grain)
GROUP 2 - Privilege (Full grain leather)
GROUP 3 - Russia (Aniline leather soft effect) GROUP 3 - Patagonia (Aniline leather rusty effect) GROUP 3 - Trees (Aniline leather shiny effect) GROUP 3 - 70s (Aniline leather nabuck vintage effect) GROUP 3 - Women (Aniline nabuk leather) GROUP 3 - Avifauna (Aniline leather with silk effect)
GROUP 4 - Painters (Aniline leather) GROUP 4 - Stars (Aniline leather) GROUP 4 - Sweets (Aniline leather) GROUP 4 - Great Plains (Fur)
GROUP 1 - Harmonie (Lower grain)
GROUP 2 - Privilege (Full grain)
GROUP 3 - Holiday (Full grain - soft consistency) GROUP 3 - Dakota (Full grain - hard consistency) GROUP 3 - Nevada (Full grain - hard consistency)