Glamour Staircase Medium Chandelier

Glamour Staircase Medium Chandelier


Regular price $31,000

In a visual line of verticalism, the Glamour collection generates a replica of tree sculptures, as vertical and horizontal lighting installations spreading through ceilings and walls. Regardless of their design, the collection exposes an interesting dualism of weights and materials, specifically because there is a varied range of chromatic and finishing options to define each project. The possibility to create any kind of color combination opens the way to a versatile piece, which establishes the impossibility of limiting an interior design concept.

DIMENSIONS 43"dia x 98"h

WEIGHT: 105lbs

21 x G9 - 25w each - 525w total
21 x ± 260lm each - ± 5460 lumens total
Dimmable by Phase-dimming


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