Gatsby Sofa

SKU: 623-1


Gatsby is a seat range based on one single seat cushion. This system has a thin base with subtle legs. This gives it a massive image of robustness and elegance. Its straight design and proportions make it a one of a kind and unique item in any space. Gatsby features a single size back cushion for any element of the system, providing an aesthetic aspect suitable for any design. In addition, the cushion is combined with veining in various optional colors. This gives it a point of distinction and elaboration. The collection includes numerous measurements, as well as chaise-longue and poufs in order to create all kind of combinations.

623-1: 67.5”w x 42”d x 34.5”h; sh: 15”
623-2: 75.5”w x x 42”d x 34.5”h; sh: 15”
623-3: 91.5”w x x 42”d x 34.5”h; sh: 15”
624-4: 97”w x 42”d x 34.5”h; sh: 15”
623-5: 109.5” x 42”d x 34.5”h; sh: 15”

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In addition to producing made-to-order pieces in standard configurations, our partners have a robust customization program in which we are able to manipulate the size, shape and design of most items to perfectly fit a space. Please let us know if you'd like a custom item quoted.

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