Gadner Occ. Chair

SKU: 493-S

Based on traditional parameters of traditional design, the collection Gadner permits to suit perfectly in different environments. The collection includes numerous sizes and pieces which can be combined and this way permit to place them in all types of rooms. All cushions, seat cushions as well as backrest cushions, are reversible, increasing this way its performance. Under the premise to provide a product with great comfort and aesthetic value. Gadner is a product which suits the home as well as public venues. The collection includes armchair, swivel chair, pouf and a two-seater sofa.

493-S: 31.5"w x 35.5"d x 31.5"h; sh15"
493-SG Swivel: 31.5"w x 35.5"d x 31.5"h; sh15"
493-P Ottoman: 24.5"w x 20"d x 15"h

In addition to producing made-to-order pieces in standard configurations, our partners have a robust customization program in which we are able to manipulate the size, shape and design of most items to perfectly fit a space. Please let us know if you'd like a custom item quoted.

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