Face 5

Regular price $18,000.01

Artist: Justina Blakeney

Acrylic on canvas
20” x 20”

Justina Blakeney

Justina Blakeney (b. 1979, Santa Rosa, CA) is a Los Angeles, California-based artist, designer, and author known for her vibrant, colorful, and eclectic style. Drawing upon themes of identity, spirituality, and connection to the natural world, Blakeney’s art serves as a visual exploration into the essence of the “true self” and the concept of being a
"human being" rather than a "human doing". Blakeney often incorporates mixed media elements such as wire, textiles, and natural elements into her pieces. Her artistic vision emerges from a diverse array of references, from wrestling with and celebrating her curls, curves, and curiosities to explorations of pattern, cubist abstraction, and magical realism. Through her work, Blakeney seeks to uproot binary thinking and to inspire others to embrace their creativity, celebrate diversity, and honor the interconnectedness of all living things.

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