Dali Domingo Sconce - Floor Model

Dali Domingo Sconce - Floor Model


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Exquisite and artistic. Each item reproduces indirect lighting that gives an intensive decorative look to this intemporal collection. The Glass is separated from the structure and it is illuminated by the metal structure that gives an effect almost like it is floating.

15"w x 2"d x 20"h

WEIGHT: 13lbs

1 x LED STRIP 12V - 3100K - 40w each - 40w total
1 x ± 2540lm each - ± 2540 lumens total

LOCATION:Los Angeles

OPTION 1 (Los Angeles)
Antique Gold - FO + Clear Glass #10

OPTION 2 (Los Angeles)
Antique Silver - FP + Clear Glass #10


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