Charta Alba Table Lamp
Charta Alba Table Lamp
Charta Alba Table Lamp
Charta Alba Table Lamp

Charta Alba Table Lamp


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The artist’s inspiration for the Charta Alba Collection came from a series of sculptures formed from brown wrapping paper salvaged from an Amazon shipping box. The objective was to create something new out of waste material. The sculptures were created by using a single piece of paper which the artist wound around a vertical axis to create each shape. The wrinkles of the paper created a perfect foundation for the play of light and shadow. The artist, Barbara Palatin-Doyle, wanted to visually transform the supple, brown, low-grade paper into a solid, white, high-end material that would surprise the viewer. Porcelain was the ideal material; revered through the centuries, it had been nicknamed “White Gold” in the 18th century. Charta Alba means “white paper “- a pun that refers to the color of porcelain and the original shape in paper form.
Charta Alba I & II were designed as a Ying /Yang pair, but can equally be used as a matched pair or as a single table lamp. The special charm of the Charta Alba lamps is created by the combination of their sculpted white porcelain bodies and the romantic diffused light filtered through the handmade Japanese Hosho paper shades.
The artist chose the Vienna Augarten Porcelain Manufactory as a collaborative partner. The company is 300 years old and is the second oldest porcelain manufactory in Europe. The quality of their porcelain, especially the “biscuit”, is exceedingly high which is especially important as the unglazed finish does not hide any flaws.


  • Biscuit Porcelain
  • Shade: Japanese Hand-laid Hosho Paper


Small: 5.5"dia x 24.5"h
Large (Two shapes): 13.8"dia x 29.5"h

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