Brando Occ. Chair

SKU: 443-S

Conceptualized from the strictest parameters of classic design, the wide range of environments. Under the premise of a product of ‘utmost comfort’ product suitable for both personal and professional use. The collection includes armchair, chair, high chair and loveseat.

443-S: 28.5"w x 33"d x 29"h; sh15"
443-F2: Double wide: 53"w x 33"d x 29"h; sh15"
443-SB Armless: 24.5"w x 33"d x 29"h; sh15"
443-F2B Double wide Armless: 49"w x 33"d x 29"h; sh15"

In addition to producing made-to-order pieces in standard configurations, our partners have a robust customization program in which we are able to manipulate the size, shape and design of most items to perfectly fit a space. Please let us know if you'd like a custom item quoted.

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