Bijout Vertical Sconce

SKU: AP1427-5

As beautiful and delicate as nature itself, the Bijout carries a romantic and whimsical sense of detail. The gentle glass pieces are designed to contrast directly with the complex and condensed bronze structure, in a combination of light and movement, and a multitude of colors and weights. In order o define a certain refinement to an interior design concept, the Bijout collection guarantees elegant and graceful details for compelling results.

24"w x 12"d x 41"h

WEIGHT: 11lbs

5 x G9 - 40w each - 200w total
5 x ± 450lm each - ± 2250 lumens total
Dimmable by Phase-dimming

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FP - Antique Silver (Brown Patina Undercoat)


FP/PB - Bright Silver ( White Patina Undercoat)


FO - Antique Gold ( with Brown Patina)


FO/PB - Bright Gold ( White Patina Undercoat)


RO - Rose Gold


CO - Copper


PL - Palladium


CH - Lead


PR - Black


TA - Talha (Brown with randomly applied gold leaf and with a clear coat nish)

clearClear - 10
BeijeBeije - 20
HoneyHoney - 04
Bright GoldBright Gold
OchreOchre - 21
BrownBrown - 16
VenturiniVenturini - 23
BlackBlack - 14
GreyGrey - 41
SmokedSmoked- 34
TurquoiseTurquoise- 33
Lind WaterLind Water- 32
Blue SeaBlue Sea- 39
Dark BlueDark Blue- 42
RubyRuby - 22
Red WineRed Wine- 26
FlamingoFlamingo- 27
Lind GreenLind Green - 24
Venturini GreenVenturini Green
PistachioPistachio - 18
PurplePurple- 15
LilacLilac- 28
AubergineAubergine- 29
OpalOpal - 17
Gold SpeckledGold Speckle
Silver SpeckledSilver Speckle

In addition to producing made-to-order pieces in standard configurations, our partners have a robust customization program in which we are able to manipulate the size, shape and design of most items to perfectly fit a space. Please let us know if you'd like a custom item quoted.

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