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Sculpted concrete and liquid bronze. A play with contrast, perception, illusion, materiality
and reflection. Organic shapes reflect as the light changes and create the feeling of
texture and flexibility whilst made out of a hard concrete. Inspired by the ocean and the
California landscape this piece flows as the waves of life. Each wave is unique and
signed on the back. Stretcher bar and z bar.

Dimensions of each panel:
51"W x 39H x 7"D


LA based Katrien Van der Schueren pushes the boundaries of the materials she works
with. Born and raised in Europe, she has a deep respect for artisanal exploration and
combines a variety of clays and wood species in her work. She is a passionate large
scale site specific project sculptor, whose work is influenced both by her own life story
and surroundings as well as the environment she creates in.

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