Longplay Sofa

SKU: 481-F2

Longplay is a collection of ‘easy to program’ modules. It introduces the possibility of change-of-depth sitting through the sliding mechanism included in its interior. Starting with two module widths (100 cm and 120 cm), the program presents a one-seat module, chaise- lounge, corner modules and ottoman. In this way, it is possible to create all viable compositions, adjustable to any given project space. The simplicity of the system facilitates the creation of today’s environment under the most refined design concepts.

481-F2: 101"w x 42"d x 35"h; sh 15"
481-F2G: 117"w x 42"d x 35"h; sh 15"
481-F3: 141"w x 42"d x 35"h; sh 15"
481-F3G: 165"w x 42"d x 35"h; sh 15"

In addition to producing made-to-order pieces in standard configurations, our partners have a robust customization program in which we are able to manipulate the size, shape and design of most items to perfectly fit a space. Please let us know if you'd like a custom item quoted.

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